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Block Style Templates

Using block style templates is the easiest way to make your website look great. Simply put, you can change the colour, shape and style of your blocks. We've created over 50 different styles of blocks to choose from.

To use block style templates, simply click on any content block, and choose 'block style templates'. Just scroll to find the style you like, and click it – click OK, and your block style will change.

We've created a custom block that matches your branding. This is called 'Custom 1', and always sits up here on the top.

Remember, we've also created a Content with Title block for you, which has a sectioned-off heading area that matches your branding. This isn't a block style template. To use this, just add a block like you usually would by clicking the 'add to' area, clicking 'add block', and selecting 'content with title'. Once you put in your content and click 'add', a styled content with title block will be created.