Adding Categories

One of the first things you'll want to do is add your first category. Either click on the 'catalogue' tab, and then click 'add a new sub category', or select 'Add New Category' from the quick access menu.

Simply enter the name of the category, if it's a sub category of another category select it from the 'parent category'. If you'd like an image or a description to appear at the top of the category's page, add them here.

The meta title, description, and keywords and friendly URL refer to optimising this category page for the search engines. This information isn't essential, but it should help people on the web find your website.

The title is what you want to appear at the top of the page, the description should be one to two sentences describing the category, and keywords should include anything relevant to the products within the category – just think what your customers would be searching for if they were looking for the products in this category.

The friendly URL refers to the web address of your category. You want to keep this keyword relevant. For example, if you're selling ipods, call it 'ipods'. For example, if your web address is, and you've called your category 'ipods', the address of this category will be

You can make this category visible only to certain groups – for example, if you have a wholesaler and a retailer group, you can make this visible only to your wholesale customers. This requires additional programming however, so if you'd like this feature and don't already have it please let us know. For most people however, just keep 'default' ticked so your category will be viewable by all your customers.

Once you've put all your category's info in, click save.